Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

Zema – IPL Laser Hair Removal Device


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Experience Silky Smooth Skin with Zema - The Ultimate IPL Laser Hair Removal Device!

   Achieve permanent hair removal in just a few sessions.

   Works on any body part (including face and brazilian).

   Pain-free hair removal solution.

   Quick and easy hair removal with just a few minutes of use.

   +1000 happy customers worldwide.

   +999000 flashes.

   Long-lasting hair removal with over 10 years of use-life.

   One time purchase, no refills or recharges required.

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We know that having laser hair removal on your private area can be embarrassing sometimes, It can be a bit intimidating visiting a clinic, undressing, and letting a complete stranger get up close and personal with you, Luckily, you don't have to deal with that fuss anymore, meet Zema, the best way to stop hair from growing back, Designed to deliver long-term hair removal with noticeable results in just 4 weeks, full-body treatments are done in 45 minutes, just once per week.

Zema - IPL Laser Hair Removal Device - the ultimate solution for achieving smooth, soft skin. Our advanced device uses intense pulsed light ( IPL ) technology to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from the face and body. With regular use, the IPL Laser Hair Removal Device can help reduce the need for shaving, waxing, and other time-consuming hair removal methods.

In addition to its hair removal capabilities, the IPL Laser Hair Removal Device also includes a range of other features to enhance your beauty routine. Its five adjustable energy levels allow you to customize your treatment to your specific skin type and hair color, while the large treatment window helps to cover more surface area in less time. The device is also designed with safety in mind, with a skin sensor that automatically adjusts the energy level to ensure a comfortable treatment.

Whether you're looking to achieve smooth, soft skin on your face, arms, legs, or bikini line, the IPL Laser Hair Removal Device has you covered. So why wait? Add it to your beauty routine today and discover the convenience and effectiveness of laser hair removal


Fast & Painless

Using IPL (intense pulse light), which is tested as the most effective and fast permanent visible hair removal system, deactivates hair follicles from the root to decrease hair growth permanently.



It’s better to use Zema twice a week for the first 4 weeks and use it once for the second 8 weeks, and of course, if u see fine hair is growing depending on the density and area of that growing hair, you can use it once a month to maintain that beautiful skin soft and smooth.

For even better results and a more comfortable experience, check out our NEW Hira -IPL Hair Removal Handset.


Easy & Effective

Zema has 2 flash modes and 5 energy levels, Manual mode is mainly used for small area hair removals, such as bikini lines, underarms, fingers, and lips; Automatic mode can be used in large epilating areas such as arms, legs, abdomen, and back. Treats your lower leg in just 5-8 minutes. 5 Different energy levels to adapt to different skin sensitivities. From 1 (Lowest) to 5 (Highest) can be adjustable.

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No pain, irritation or any discomfort 

Not all skin types are created equal, With different intensity levels, On any part of your body, select the intensity that fits your skin and enjoy a baby-smooth hairless skin after just a few sessions.

Keep your V to yourself

Effective even for the hair down there.

Our Hira - IPL Laser Hair Removal Device is safe to be used on the bikini line.

No pain or sensation, and no more salon flashing :)

Magical results...

See the difference after just few sessions!

Designed to deliver long-term hair removal with noticeable results in just 4 weeks and a magical difference in 2 months!

How to use Zema - IPL Hair Removal Device?

Step 1: Shave the area to be treated with the laser hair removal device and make sure your skin is clean and dry and free from any products like oils

Step 2: Connect to a power source and turn on the power button, wear the protective sunglasses provided in the box.

Step 3: Start with a lower intensity and adjust accordingly. 

Step 4: Lightly press the head of the IPL hair removal device against your skin and click on the middle button for the flash to be emitted. 

Step 5: Enjoy a super smooth skin after a few sessions.



5 Intensity levels

9 Intensity levels

Faster results

Basic cooling technique 

Ice cooling technique

More comfortable 

+45 minutes for full body

+30 minutes for full body

Faster treatment 

Basic design

User friendly design

Easy to hold

Standard flash window

Optimized flash window

Better precision & coverage


You’re gonna love it. but in case you don’t…

Send it back within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Paxton Upton

Thanks to usefulweirdo..

Lucious Quigley

Magnificence deserves every penny

Cary Corwin

I 've only been trying it for 2 weeks. For the moment it's ok

Stevie Hyatt

Perfect I am too happy thank you very much 😘Very well packed and very very fast delivery received in 1 week top top device✨❤️

Lonie Leuschke

The machine came well packed. Everything works, there is an instruction in Russian.


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